Research Projects, Faculty RFP 2016-17

The UCCONNECT Faculty Research Grants for FY 2016-17 were awarded in November 2015. The selection process was based on the feedback obtained in an external peer-review. More than eighty world-leading faculty and practitioners in transportation related fields as well as a great number of Caltrans subject matter experts participated in this effort. UCCONNECT received a total of 25 proposals in this call and made 12 awards. 

The following list contains a brief mention of all the awarded proposals. To obtain more information on a particular project, click on its title.

Experimental Studies of Traffic Incident Management with Pricing, Private Information, and Diverse Subjects
Co-PI: David Brownstone, UC Irvine; Co-PI: Michael McBride, UC Irvine

Transit Oriented Development and Commercial Gentrification: Exploring the linkages
Co-PI: Karen Chapple, UC Berkeley; Co-PI: Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, UCLA

Shifting from LOS to VMT as the Measure of Transportation Impacts: Evaluating Prospects for Implementing Senate Bill 743
PI: Daniel Chatman, UC Berkeley

Traffic Predictive Control
PI: Samuel Coogan, UCLA

Managing Pedestrian and Car Interactions
PI: Carlos F. Daganzo, UC Berkeley

A Cooperative V2V Alert System to Mitigate Vehicular Traffic Shock Waves
PI: Mario Gerla, UCLA

Long Distance Travel in the California Household Travel Survey (CHTS) and Social Media Augmentation
Co-PI: Kostas Goulias, UC Santa Barbara; Co-PI: Krzysztof Janowicz, UC Santa Barbara

Designing a Transit-Feeder System Using Bikesharing and Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing
PI: Jay Jayakrishnan, UC Irvine

Enabling Demand Modelling from Privately Held Mobility Data
PI: Alexey Pozdnukhov, UC Berkeley

Moving Towards A More Sustainable California: Exploring Livability, Accessibility, and Prosperity ​
PI: Susan Shaheen, UC Berkeley

Mapping and Improving the Delivery Process of Highway Pavement Rehabilitation Projects
PI: Iris Tommelein, UC Berkeley

Sustainable Operation of Arterial Networks
PI: Pravin Varaiya, UC Berkeley

The Equity Impacts of California's County Transportation Sales Taxes
Co-PI: Martin Wachs, UCLA; Co-PI: Brian D. Taylor, UCLA