Research Projects, Faculty RFP 2014-15

UCCONNECT Faculty Research Grants recently were awarded for FY 2014-15, following a competitive peer-review of all submitted proposals. UCCONNECT received 34 proposals from our consortium and awarded 19 grants. Two additional grants were awarded from a pool of four proposals to Region 9 scholars from outside the consortium.

The following grants have been awarded to researchers within our consortium:

OCICATS (Online community input classification to advance transportation services) – a GIS-based decision-support tool
PI: Lourdes Abellera, Cal Poly, Pomona; Co-PI: Anand Panangadan, USC

Heightening walking above its pedestrian status: walking and travel behavior in California
PI: E. Blumenberg, UCLA 

Experimental studies for traffic incident management
PI: D. Brownstone, UC Irvine; Co-PI: Michael McBride, UC Irvine 

Smartphone information and transportation demand modeling: An analysis of transportation network companies
PI: R. Church, UC Santa Barbara

Pricing urban transportation networks: multi-modal strategies leveraging big data
PI: C. Daganzo, UC Berkeley 

Automated assessment of safety-critical dynamics in multi-modal transportation systems
PI: O. Grembeck, UC Berkeley; Co-PI: David Ragland, UC Berkeley 

Modeling and control of HOT lanes
PI: Roberto Horowitz, UC Berkeley 

Promoting peer-to-peer ridesharing services as transit system feeders
PI: R. Jayakrishnan, UC Irvine

Performance analysis and control design for on-ramp metering of active merging bottlenecks
PI: W. Jin, UC Irvine 

Bicycle crash risk: How does it vary and why?
PI: R. Liggett, UCLA; Co-PI: Jill Cooper, UC Berkeley 

Demand forecasting and activity-based mobility modeling from cell phone data
PI: Alexey Pozdnukov, UC Berkeley; Co-PI Paul Waddell, UC Berkeley

Crowd-source data to activity models: Human mobility prediction for real-time ride-sharing
PI: R. Sengupta, UC Berkeley 

Strategic charging infrastructure deployment for electric vehicles
PI: Max Shen, UC Berkeley 

Control strategies for corridor management
PI: A. Skabardonis, UC Berkeley

Accessibility and economic development: How the transportation network affects the economic performance of regions
PI: B. Taylor, UCLA 

Impacts and future of the California Fuel Tax Swap of 2010
PI: M. Wachs, UCLA 

From trend spotting to trend setting: Modeling the impact of major technological and infrastructural changes in travel demand
PI: J. Walker, UC Berkeley 

Developing an agent-based online adaptive signal control (ASC) framework using connected vehicle (CV) technology
PI: G. Wu, UC Riverside; Co-PI: Matthew Barth, UC Riverside

The following two additional grants were competitively awarded to Region 9 scholars from outside our consortium.

Exploring the use of spatial data as input to traffic control and traffic safety analysis
PI: Wei Hua Lin, University of Arizona
$100,291 (UCCONNECT $50,142, matching funds $50,149)

Multimodal arterial performance measurement using multisource ITS data
PI: Yao-Jan Wu, University of Arizona
$120,000 ($60,000 UCCONNECT, $60,000 matching funds)