Faculty Grants Quarterly Reports

Faculty who have been awarded UCCONNECT Research Grants are expected to complete brief quarterly reports. Each report is to be submitted to the desiganted Caltrans Task Manager and to UCCONNECT Headquarters at the end of each quarter so as to track research progress.  Each quarterly report should contain: 

  • an estimate of the project's percent completion,
  • confirmation as to whether the project is on time, on budget, and proceeding as per its original scope (with any deviations breifly explained),
  • a brief summary of accomplihments and the amount of funds invoiced during the preceeding quarter, and
  • a brief summary of the work anticipated during the coming quarter.

The quarterly reports are included in the center's website under each project's specific detail page.

The quarterly report template can be downloaded via the link below. Remember to enable editing to modify the progress report form.

UCCONNECT Quarterly Progress Report Template