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Please see the information below for a great scholarship opportunity through FHWA. Note that the application is due on 4/15. Read the full application guidelines in the link included at the bottom of the page.
The EISENHOWER GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP provides funding for the pursuit of Masters or Doctorate Degrees in transportation related discipline.


Each era faces its own challenges in maintaining and growing economic well-being.  Linked to this lofty goal is a focus on new transportation modes, increased capacity and greater mobility undergirding our economic viability and quality of life.

This December 2 - 4, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) will host an interactive, three-day session where transportation stakeholders and decision-makers will exchange ideas and learn about the latest developments in transportation planning from a national, state, and local perspective. The

The American Public Transportation Foundation (APTF) is accepting applications for the Scholarship Program. Each summer, the APTF will award a minimum of sixteen (16) new scholarships of at least $2500 each for the following academic school year (fall semester) to individuals in public transportation industry-related fields of study.