Disseration Grants Awarded in 2015

In January 2015, after an extensive peer-review process including faculty from all over the nation, the 2015 UCCONNECT Dissertation Grants were selected. The center received a large number of very fine and well-reviewed applications, and therefore made awards to 13 of the 22 initial submissions.  Each applicant was informed of the outcome on Thursday, January 22.

Advanced doctoral candidates who anticipate completing their work in the coming semester (or this semester plus the coming summer), were given smaller awards of $7,500.  All other awardees who anticipate a full year or more until completion of their dissertations were given full awards in the amount of $15,000 to $18,000. 

The following is a list of the awarded students and their dissertation topics:

Barriers to Travel and Opportunity: Low-Income Latino Immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Jesus Barajas, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Daniel Chatman)

Longer-term Impacts of the London Congestion Charge.
Andrea Broaddus, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Elizabeth Deakin)

Using Mobile Technology to Understand the Dynamics of Transit Rider Satisfaction and Cessation of Transit Use.
Andre Carrel, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Joan Walker)

On the Use of Network-wide Relations in Urban Networks.
Jean Doig, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Michael Cassidy)

Modeling Second-by-Second Traffic Emissions in a Mega-Region to Optimally Site Satellite Bus Terminals.
Nathanael A. Isbell, UC Santa Barbara (Adviser: Kostas Goulias)

Distance-dependent Congestion Pricing for Downtowns.
Lewis Lehe, UC Berkeley (Adviser: Carlos Daganzo)

Peer-to-peer and Group Collaborative Supply and Consumption in Transportation Systems.
Roger Lloret, UC Irvine (Adviser: Jay Jayakrishnan)

Stalled on the Road to Adulthood? Assessing the nature of recent travel changes for young adults in America, 1995-2009.
Kelcie Ralph, UCLA (Adviser: Brian Taylor)

Proactive Vehicle Routing to Solve the Dynamic Bike Sharing Rebalancing Problem with Potential Extension to Shared Station Vehicle Systems.
Robert Regue, UC Irvine (Adviser: William Recker)

The Effect of the Urban Environment on Concentrations of Vehicle Emitted Pollutants
Nico Schulte, UC Riverside (Adviser: Akula Venkatram)

A Framework for Analyzing Public-Private Partnerships for Road Transportation under Demand Uncertainty.
Ke Wang, UC Irvine (Adviser: Jean-Daniel Saphores)

Econometric Models in Transportation.
Tim Wong, UC Irvine (Adviser: David Brownstone)